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Andronoids // COUNTERFEIT. // Ronjo V // Mindmassage // Laverty

Andronoids – Move on

“My first Spotify release with my project Andronoids. The songs I make are 100% low budget and home made. I want to create catchy lofi pop tunes where melody comes before song structures and sound quality.” We don’t know who ANDRONOIDS is. Name, aims, the past. But what we know is that his release of ‘Move On’ is a green signal for more songs. For the tireless strums from the understated guitar work and unique vocal antics, give this single a quality that is both pop and rock. Serving the audience with danceable atmosphere is where this song lies. An upcoming EP is on the way.

COUNTERFEIT. – It Gets Better

“‘It Gets Better’ is a deeply personal song and its message cuts right to the heart of who we are,” said Jamie Campbell Bower of COUNTERFEIT. “Our goal is to bring people together, to dismantle the barriers that divide us as a species and to make a change in the world. We are in a time of need. We need to come together and to learn to love again. Learn to listen again. Learn to talk again. Learn to feel again. Learn to let go and let in. It’s a small start but if we try, I do believe that we can start to change things because I myself have learnt that with these small steps it does indeed get better.” Interesting vibes from the big band. Their tour continues with Knitting Factory Brooklyn September 10th. The Lava/Republic signed pop-rock band has a very busy last quarter, indeed.

Ronjo V – Vagabonde

Austin TX vanity project led by Ryan Joseph is a short single about the stuff that lies between his sensibilities and of realities. With a sumptuous vibe that introduces a charming acquaintance, ‘Vagabonde’ is a drifting fog over a sea of none-select emotions that hovers and seeps. As we do in life, we are above the ocean of uncertainty and shifting dialects of personalities. An ever impeaching challenge, we navigate to the best of our responsibilities, working hard for the best, shielding against the petty. ‘Vagabonde’ doesn’t reveal much. But it does show what road it intends to stay. Indeed.

Mindmassage – Sailing Away

Groovy entourage of feelings and emotions, ‘Sailing Away’ featuring ROSA gets the electrified atoms in your body to move. Your emotionally charged attentions, stand for the melodies of shimmer and attitude. Written when watching boats sailing in the Turkey setting sun, the beautifully tight production is a journey of electro significance and fun. With a mission of the project of reaching more people with the power of “meditation, mindfulness & dance”, MINDMASSAGE gets closer and closer to that mission, one song at a time.

Laverty – Ana

“This song is written to my eating disorder (Ana) as if she were a real human entity,” LAVERTY in her own words. “I named her Ana (short for anorexia) and I wrote this song to vocalize to her the pain that she has caused me over the last 10 years. Most of us are conditioned to focus on our physical appearance from as earlier as kindergarten. I remember being in first and second grade and worrying about the size of my stomach and the number on my mom’s scale in the bathroom. We are TRAINED to view ourselves poorly from the very beginning of our lives. We don’t even have a chance to learn how to love our natural bodies before society has shoved their idea of perfection down our throats. My worth as a young child, teenager, and adult has always depended on the number on the scale. For years, I fought hard to escape the reality of my eating disorder but something sparked inside of me this year. This is MY BODY. I was given this temple to feed, care for, and love and for YEARS, I abused it all because of the toxic societal standards in our world. I have denied myself the love that I rightfully deserve because I was more concerned about whether or not I could fit in a size 2 jeans. But enough is enough. I have been on this earth for almost 22 years and I am TIRED of the pain and the hurt that Ana has caused me. This song is for me, for you, and for anyone that has ever battled with an eating disorder or body dysmorphia.” Kudos.


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