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Andy Akio // spitty the sequel // Alejandro // Santi // Blastar

Andy Akio – OCD

With the ever melancholic and beautiful sample of ROSY’s ‘Fever’, ANDY AKIO produced a gem with his sultry but energetic single ‘OCD’ for the masses. And the whole thing works to that when singer Riane marches in with her vibe, the triple decker sweetness works in contrast and in unison. It’s an offering that is worth watching and listening to as the waning sunlight is impending at the northern hemisphere of our dreams.

spitty the sequel – used 2 be a dog

There’s always a ‘human’ aspect to SPITTY THE SEQUEL’s writing and rhyming. And guess that’s why we dig his singles the way we do. There’s little pretense. And notable is how the story is stated, with consequence and respect for the end result. That’s why you hold it together to complete the journey with Spitty. “I was inspired to write this song after a short hiatus from creating music and looking back on my life over the past couple of years,” said Spitty the Sequel. “The title reflects my progression towards becoming a better person.” The honesty and self-reflection is quite refreshing. Make it a jam that you can bop to, well, that makes it even better.

Alejandro – Fear Gas

An intro to, possibly, bigger goals, ALEJANDRO, produced this short but sweet hiphop decadence with powerful vocals and rapping. ‘Fear Gas’ is a politically charged entrance, the artist stated. With the spike of violence and suppressions in the world, it’s a rational direction for artists to protest in the forum which is most accessible. It’s a forum that we all love. It’s a continuing story. Just like Alejandro.

Santi – Rapid Fire

BMW, a horse, gal in an umbrella, DIY feel music video – all delicious in its separate parts, but bolted on like Voltron. Now you have something like ‘Rapid Fire’ by SANTI. The single is a mix of ol’ school r&b vibe, tinge with 90’s soul, scented with tropical notes, and dowsed by the coolness that we would hope to grasp in another lifetime. The song is just repeatable to the fullest. Also, Shane Eagle & Amaarae are fabulous and chill and decadent. Word.

Blastar – Chill Out

First single off of the upcoming EP, BLASTAR shows us the way with this drip-trip hiphop explosion called ‘Chill Out’, featuring Gracy Hopkins. Dope? Yes. Solid? Yes. Grime-tastic? Yes. Perfect for your lowered Mercedes? Heck yea. But you don’t need to have a Mercedes to get it with ‘Chill Out’. The danceable and infectious attitude oozes out of the edges. Then it is swept up and spat out with new chemical properties by Gracy, to a fantastic glamor. The sheen on this single is something to watch out for.


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