Andy Hughes Shares Folk Goodness In ‘Tell My Darlin’. “There’s a whole lot of love to deal…”

ANDY HUGHES is a very poetic and spiritually musical cat. And in his latest single ‘Tell My Darlin’, he speaks of a tale in the “ideal of life-long love and the emotions that come when it is time to say goodbye…”

A sentiment that is not foreign to our ancestors and immediate family members, for sure, but when put into a little folk diddy like this, it puts different shine onto it that you’d never expected.

With his very understated vocal expressions (which without much effort, gleam rays of sunshine), Andy continues to bat away at the internal demons of ordinary folk who battle with everyday demons. The simple things in life are the biggest things that remain in your heart and soul, and as we all age, we look back over shoulders to reach for something that puts meaning into how we lived it.

Oh and the fiddle solo is what you have come here for. We dig a good fiddle and it is fabulous to listen to.

Andy’s upcoming album ‘Song For Sunday’ is on its way.


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