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Andy Mitchell // Randolph III // Secret Lynx // Orchestra of Cardboard // The Hunter & The Potter

Andy Mitchell – Can’t Stay Away

Scotland originating, and London based ANDY MITCHELL brings a unique offering in ‘Can’t Stay Away’ surpasses the moderate folk notions with this hybrid of punk-sounding indie-folk rock that let’s you grow some hair on your chest. The profound honesty and prodigious lyrical liquidity starts to get you jazzed and pumped about the slice of atmosphere you occupy. It’s the demure and discrete kind of head-banging excitement you can love, any time. His latest album ‘Fire Walk With Me’ is available now.

Randolph III – Stumblebum

Darker innuendos pervade the bitter-sweet notes of RANDOLPH III’s single ‘Stumblebum’. The interest of the fairer sex, comes at the expense of you inner most desires. Compromise has to be the word of the day, as it is part of what our being exists – with the intention of working and building for a better future. A betterment proposal for mutual benefit; a sentiment that sometimes fall by the wayside. Her mis-deeds kill your very soul. His indecisiveness, drowns you personal ambitions to smithereens. Contrast is how RANDOLPH III should be described, for the bitter & the sweet, mingle in that putrid corner of the Universe, where things should be, just doesn’t turn out that way. Get into RANDOLPH III.

Secret Lynx – On the Radar

San Diego based indie-rock band SECRET LYNX has always maintained the tinge of surf-pop inherent in their geographic presence and on a higher, musical level of sensibility. And that’s the hidden delight with SECRET LYNX, as that pop goodness seeps into the often melancholic lyrical works, the combination of those diametrically opposed elements, survive and thrive to give off an aroma of permanency. ‘On The Radar’ is one of those examples, and it quite lifts your spirits, as it helps you drive off into that sunset, knowing the facts of life, but still very much gripping that optimistic notion of yourself. Their latest EP ‘Feline’ is available now, and you should take a look see, for sure.

Orchestra of Cardboard – The Shetlands

“Everywhere I look I see the seeds of war, the migration crisis, the rigged right wing press, the threats of global warming, the insidious poverty, the greed and corruption of banks,” Dan stated. “Politics are polarising, the markets are soaring away from reality, peoples’ souls are hardening, the streets are full of car horns, the papers are full of fury. People are scared of standing up, we are adrift and lunatics have taken control of the steering wheel.” The musical project of ORCHESTRA OF CARDBOARD comes from a film project named ‘Bank Job’ (feature documentary produced by Dan and Hilary Powell that follows a North London community coming together to make their own currency and open a bank). The artful and journalistic base for Dan Edlestyn is consistent throughout his works, as he deems it his best tools for telling his stories. It’s a complex weaving of talents, for project that are large and ambitious. But how else can stories be told in full, the way it should be? Kudos to the team. Dan Edelstyn and his mates, Hilary Powell, Nick Graham Smith and Zac Gvirtzman work on ORCHESTRA OF CARDBOARD. The new album drops March 1st, 2019.

The Hunter & The Potter – Cowboys

The time transition in the middle of song makes it irrisistible. And when the pace of buildup get to a high crecendo, you can’t stop yourself from coming to the top. Let the music bring you all worked up, as the 70’s rock sensibilities, guided by modern hard-rock attitudes kick your butt into high ‘fun’ gear. THE HUNTER & THE POTTER is coming, and the power riffs wants you to join them to make this world rock again. With the solo of classic rock-esque grandeur, slips seamlessly into the power chords of what rock can be – you then have a formula for some dang good time. Their new album ‘Innocent Guns’ is available now.


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