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Andy Rozz // new body electric // Bildjan // Sølvkre // Les Raisins de la Colere

Andy Rozz – Falling Down

Sweden based DJ/producer ANDY ROZZ returns with his single ‘Falling Down’. It’s simple. Have energy? You dance to Andy’s songs. If you don’t, you probably don’t have a pulse. We have a pulse. So, we danced. Like crazy, talentless dancers..but we danced! ”When I’m about to start on a new song I decide what kind of feeling I want to channel through the song,” stated Andy. “It’s like a mix of different ingredients like a melody, the vocals, a kick drum. You change, adjust, re-write and suddenly you’ve captured that feeling you wanted to express.” Word.

new body electric – Melt

‘Melt’ is like The Police, EDM, indie-rock, love-ballad – all wrapped into one. And how delicious it is! As the Salt Lake City originating band’s Aaron Peterson stated: “‘Melt’ is a brief reference to the environmental situation and also potential demise of my current serious relationship. There’s too much to unpack there so I’m going to leave that as it stands.” Don’t we all feel like an iceberg melting, off of a serious relationship? Kinda destroys us a bit, don’t it? But not ‘Melt’. It gives us hope and strength. Let’s let it soak in.

Bildjan – Satellites

Utilizing the classically decadent house elements and aesthetics, BILDJAN, builds with ‘Satellites’, and helps us dance the midnight away. There’s only love in this town, we should absorb it. Take her hand, and let her know it; it’s time to move with the waves – the waves of our hearts and whims. BILDJAN is classically trained, but love music. It all comes down to that – poignant, and relevant.

Sølvkre – Nuuttipukki

The Norwegian word Sølvkre means ‘silver fish’. And the artist Sølvkre, delivers a magnetic, industrial based instrumental, based in the search for a haunting of within. The darkness clearly described within the synth notes of ‘Nuuttipukki’, the single walks with care as the visions of the mythical Finnish creature ‘Nuuttipukki’ lingers in the half withered foggy air. In lore, Nuuttipukki is half human and goat. As it seeks out children in the dead of winter, to eat and devour, it terrorizes and keeps the village secluded and inside. Death is near. This version of the song is an ensemble perfect for the horror loving souls within us.

Les Raisins de la Colere – Echoes

LES RAISINS DE LA COLERE was born as a band in 2012. The compositions come from the hearts of musicians who love to experiment with ambient art-rock, post rock & world music, blending acoustic and electric sounds. Along with multiple genres, they play and inject non-traditional band instruments, including a 12-chord fretless electric guitar. In our world, sometimes it feels like our existence is just long and lurid loop of intros. A place of limbo and angst, never really knowing how to get off that train platform to nowhere. ‘Echoes’ is a dramatic instrumental, with those exact lurid sonic capabilities – sullen and impregnated with a pang of self-deception and horrid mysticism for the future. Open your eyes. The band consists of: Demosthenes Mitrossilis, Panagiotis Achouriotis, Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam, and Maria Apostolakea.


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