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Ang Low // Grace Gaustad // Elle Valenci // MAGUIRE // Abc Dialect

Ang Low – Get Together Baby (Video)

ANG LOW is a rascal. Why? Because he knows how to make your heart feelz. And when an artist knows how to do that so easily, we kind of resent them. But not really. We actually respect with the utmost and want to listen, intently. Ang stated: “I used to be fat, about 300 1bs. I lost weight and I felt like its time to show of the hard work. I took a cue from a [Bob Dylan] video I saw and the rest is history.” Sad, happy, joyous, rejoicing – ANG LOW takes each day with a grain of salt, but at the same time tries his best to enjoy every gram of it too. We all know that even being positive takes hard work, if you’d been kicked around by circumstances of life. But ‘be positive’ we must. Breaking that glass of negativity might be something to fight, every hour of each day, but we must. ANG would want us to do so. Because life is that short. Might as do the best and enjoy it, while we can. Let’s follow ANG’s lead. Let’s put away the pettiness at the outside patio.

Grace Gaustad – Photogenic

GRACE GAUSTAD is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from New York City, with the mostest. She knows what she wants. She knows how she’ll attain it. She even knows what you want. She’ll deliver that for you. And with ‘Photogenic’, her emphatic vocals, of outrageous confidence and emphasis, kills it to the wall and never lets you panic with empty vibes. The Youtube artist has garnered much accolades from Spotify to social media. And with that kind of momentum, she’s just begun to start. We can’t wait to see where she blasts off to next.

Elle Valenci – Perfect Blue

ELLE VALENCI is a France based multi-faceted pop artist and in her latest ‘Perfect Blue’ she shows off those delicious methods of style with effective results. The emotional ties to the piano lead single, is immediately noteworthy, as the song weaves fabric of space and time, within the song’s short span of time. Featured in the short for motorcycle brand, BAAK, ‘Perfect Blue’ is choreographed beautifully through the film ‘Three Of A Kind’ (“4 minutes of poetry tell the story of 3 riders, reunited around one same spirit”) with expansive notoriety and certitude. And just like the intention of this motorcycle based movie, Elle inspires as well in this majestic pleasure of a single. It flies without wings, as Elle’s perpetually eclectic and gorgeously presented vocals keeps reminding us of the things that are available to us in this world.

MAGUIRE – Fallible

Gillian Maguire is gorgeous. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, the beautiful singer/songwriter delegates words of somber and ancestral meanings, to little balladic ensembles of envelopes for our little hearts to chomp on. The London based alt-pop singer derides genres, and ever increasingly purvey the notions of self-imposed grandeur, often misled and deceived. MAGUIRE stated: “‘Fallible’ probes what it means to truly know another soul, and whether this can be achieved purely through the mind or whether love requires physical intimacy in order to ripen and grow. It maps the frustrations of a love affair conducted in secret, exploring the intrinsic human flaws of desire and greed that plague us all.” ‘Fallible’ is about the gaps in our human nature. But it is, at least to us, a celebration of that exact fact, knowing that, by the end of that tortuous journey, bliss can be claimed. At least we hope so. Gillian is gorgeous, as we’d mentioned. Her songs makes her so, in spades.

Abc Dialect – Magic

Barcelona based Argentinians, Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight draw influences from acts like Kool & The Gang and The Whispers, plus The Whitest Boy Alive and Jamiroquai, to produce quality tracks like ‘Magic’. Tomás and Luca said: “For this track we’ve decided to go with a more organic approach; recording live drums together with keyboards and bass and then adding some guitars, synths, flute and vocals. We tried to keep the instrumental as simple and groovy as possible in order to give more space to the vocals and the flute which are the key elements on this track. The lyrics are simple but effective and relatable. The song had started being much more electronic and fast until we understood that it was meant to be much more real and pure.” Fixtures of funky synths and radiant guitars are washed forward with fab keys and charming flute play in ‘Magic’. The sunshiny decadence and understated glory of the song glisten and shine with perpetual upbeat resonance. It’s a song for dancing, and dancing for your day ahead. The sub-melancholic harmonies deluge with supple caress, and we dig it to pieces. Their new EP ‘Real Life’ drops June 13th.


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