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Angel Snow Shares ‘Arrows’. “Receding affections in rambles of collections and folds”.

“I think we should all just sit in the dark with one another and see each other for who we really are…don’t deny who you are now or who you’ve been in the past. Be in the moment more. A lot of my music is about this.”

ANGEL SNOW is a woman of both subtlety and succinctness. Contrasts dangle from her medals of life’s valors, doing her best to maintain the sanity of living, and thriving. The world is a place of joy and bluster, as well as heartaches and humbleness, where we can see what we want when and how we’d like.

Angel is one of those souls living and urging for the better in herself, and of the surroundings around her.

In her latest 6 song EP ‘Arrows’, she digs again at the heels of what it could be, and never hesitates to apologize for the emotions that contextualize our realities.

“I was able to get outside of myself and see the range of the composition in the acoustic recordings,” Angel elaborated. “It opened me up a little bit more to embrace the songs for what they are. The emotions really showed through and shined. The feeling behind everything gets to the forefront. It’s a great way for the lyrics and stories to resonate.”

In the single ‘Arrows’, her deep and mahogany rich vocals is warm, and affectionate. Radiant with thought and process, the unhinging story of love, is explored within the song. A song that is “a love story of two people who have to let each other go.”

Out of fate, or from mutual acceptance, what is offered cannot be kept, infinitely. Sometimes that agonizing pain of ‘letting go’ is the hardest to do. Questions of ‘why’ and statements of ‘I don’t deserve this’ will eat at your soul.

“I’m just trying be the best person I know how to be, embrace any and all flaws, and create to the best of my ability,” Angel added. “I want to be in the moment. I want to use all of the gifts that I’ve been given and take advantage of them while I’m on this planet. That’s my goal.”

With ‘Arrow’, you ARE in the moment, with Angel and on that journey – whatever kind of journey it might be.

See Angel next on June 28th @ Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.



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