Anger of 1000 Dragons ‘Claw’ : Highlighted into being under the mounting revelry in irrevocable pulse-ology.

Anger of 1000 Dragons

You are heart-broken. You delight with anxiety. You live in angst. You froth with anticipation, of what is deserved – undeserved. Anger of 1000 Dragons’ beautifully constructed experimental sonic textures, prolong your dream-like state, helping to engorge and make due with your sovereign emotions.

Combining traditional House rhythms and contemporary textures, ‘Claw’ is an outline of “doubt and the resolution to come,” said AO1000D. “An intimate vocal melody binds all of the elements of the track together – weaving together and balancing the feelings of conflict and resolve.”

Claw is the second single off of the AO1000D debut full length record (release TBA).

AO1000D is the solo project of Isaac Wang. And the Brooklyn, New York based artist, brings universality and salient ruggedness to the fore. ‘Claw’ exalts with subtle ambience, encapsulated by the undeniable rhythms, and highlighted into being under the mounting revelry in irrevocable pulse-ology.

The journey for AO1000D is glorious, in ‘Claw’.


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