Angie Hosh ‘Sunbathing in December’ : Sings along the precipice of life and dangles in excitement.

Angie Hosh

Feels effervescent. But Angie Hosh’s, ‘Sunbathing in December’ is a moody, kaleidoscope of vibes, dark and purple and gray, in its happiness.

The 4 piece from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this single is part of the 2 track EP, which delves deep within itself, writhing in the nostalgia of love and the loss.

Diversifying from their more rock and punk offerings, ‘Sunbathing in December’ is a surprisingly beautiful and insurgence in song.

With revelry from the calming extradition of vocals, to the 90’s vibin’ shoegazy-wavy guitar chords, the single sings along the precipice of life and dangles in excitement.


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