Anguid ‘Man of Action’ : Looking at the small things; the ‘insignificant’. There we live – truly – and can do big things.


Aidan Boardman is Anguid. And with ‘Man of Action’, the project brings lovely ensembles of soft/classic rock balladic assumptions and melodic indie rock sun-lit beauty.

Said Aiden: “It’s difficult to talk about because it’s not really any good news. Everything is from a perspective of a straight, cis, white, male. It really comes out of all the autonomy that comes with privilege and sometimes it’ll make you freeze and not wanna do anything… but no matter what the world pushes you in a direction. The song is about riding that wave & really doing something constructive. At the end of the day it’s still this face in the mirror that I’m lucky to have and also ashamed to have. But you can’t act too sad about it because then you’re whinging and no one likes that.”

With an overarching sax solo, ‘Man of Action’ brings the chops of it all, while touching upon the burning challenges of something that we can all relate towards.

We are who we are. So what should we do about it?

Looking at the small things; the ‘insignificant’. There we live – truly – and can do big things.


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