Ani Glass ‘Ynys Araul’ : Welsh artist fabulousness. Sings with wisdom of the worlds.

Ani Glass / Photo: Ani Saunders

Off of LP ‘Mirores’, Welsh artist fabulousness, Ani Glass, sings with wisdom of the worlds in ‘Ynys Araul’.

“‘Ynys Araul’ is not only about love and loss but also expands on the album’s overall themes of movement and progress. It discusses how our memories and emotions are often connected to certain places and presents the bewildering impact of development on your sense of self when those places change or disappear.”

Captivating and majestic, Ani’s vitriolic beauty of sights and sounds, glance with delicate ardure. Voice of angelic monasticism, combine with the electro decadence in profound revelry and mountainous expectations.

Ani’s futuristic pension for nostagic connection, shines with ‘Ynys Araul’. The delight of journeys, continue in ‘Mirores’.



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