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Animal House Shares ‘Legs Out For Summer’. “Fun is in their ‘animal genes’.”

“Uuh! Ah-ha-ha!”

Brighton UK boys ANIMAL HOUSE knows how to party. And boy, we like to party. In our minds and heart, the band goes after what is most important in the world.

Girls and what they do to our imaginations.


Not by nature mind you, for we’re built this way in DNA code. But socially, it’s something to ‘manage’. And we do. But oh boy, underneath though, we love them and we always hope they will love us back. It’s not, about being perfect to others’ judgements. That’s for sure.

Anywho..enough about CHF.

ANIMAL HOUSE calls upon the ‘average’ and helps to make the world know of our existence!


The gold is in the attitude. And as their upcoming drop of ‘Premium Mediocre’ (Nov 15th), we’re here to show the best of our ‘average-ess’.

We’re committed.

For the world can be our oyster. Salty, tasty, and oh so ‘middle class royalty’.

“Uuh! Ah-ha-ha!”

Heck yea!!

The band is Australian, based in the UK, charming the pants off of the locals, and now across the Inter-webs.

Fun is in their ‘animal genes’.



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