Animal Scream ‘Station to Station’ : Take a peek. It’s a good move.

Animal Scream

Animal Scream’s members grew up listening to plenty of Motown, and it peeks through occasionally in their music – not so much in sound, but in spirit. It’s a whimsical title, aimed to categorize the un-categorizable, and only slightly accurate when presented against the vast and varied sonic backdrop that comprises Animal Scream’s weird-pop sensibility.

Out of the best traditions of Blondie’s dig into funk, Animal Scream’s single ‘Station to Station’ is a gorgeous ride of sights and sounds. The decadent guitar lick, to the glorious horns, and the presumable vocal touches, the single gladly hands you the key to the kingdom and then some.

Animal Scream aren’t the type to make songs overly specific, preferring instead to address general themes through personal experiences, acknowledging that songs, like so many things, are entirely open to interpretation.

Their new album ‘Nightwalk’ is Animal Scream at their most refined: electric and sharply dramatic in moments of cartwheeling bravado, while remaining flowery and exposed in its rawest moments.

Take a peek. It’s a good move.


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