Anin Rose ‘Choose Love’ : It’s never too late to go toward ‘love’. Every second, is a chance to turn things around.

Anin Rose

Sometimes forging forward, towards love, is a harder path. Especially when ‘love’ wasn’t a big part of one’s everyday. But sometimes, many of us, have had lives filled with ‘love’, but never really believed in it – its cause, its effectiveness, it’s essence. ‘Things’ just get in the way, or we ‘never got around’ to it.

Anin Rose thinks it’s never too late to go toward ‘love’. Every second, is a chance to turn things around.

“I wrote this song on the train and had a melody in mind,” said Anin Rose. “A charity approached me straight after, was so moved by the song and organised a headline show with me in 2019. 2 years later, I am finally releasing the track which has already been on such a wonderful journey.”

The German born, London based artist writes and releases gospel influenced pop music which tells her own, unique truth. She tells stories that help her share her personal experiences in a relatable and loving way.

“Choose Love” is the second release of Anin’s upcoming EP ‘Freedom’. The track is part of an acoustic project, recorded with string quartet and grand piano in collaboration with arranger Martin Batchelar (The Who, Cliff Richard).

Nina Rosenberger heads the project, Anin Rose. And love will hopefully guide you to your own truth.


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