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Anja Kotar // Madeleine Grace // Sub Blue // Lea Santee // Charlotte OC

Anja Kotar – Modern Galileo

Adding to the ever growing arsenal of musical accolades, 20 year old Slovenian brings a sharp and distinct pop experience to the landscape. And through singles like ‘Modern Galileo’ she drive hard the notion of simplicity and beauty. The amalgamation of sights and sounds, she delves into the world of today, with technological innovations and more importantly, our send of being within the multi-sets of machine ecosystems. Exploring the new, is all about what ANJA KOTAR is all about. She’s always been every since aged 7 and now entrepreneur and musical and artistic offering. She’s got too much to show all of us, and we all should be eager to experience them.

Madeleine Grace – Tombé

Stockholm based Swedish/Congolese songwriter and performer MADELEINE GRACE provides the emotive calculations of love and life, within ‘Tombé’. The burning desire for the love of life and the emotional support that embodies the negative spaces of a painting, gained in part, a sacramental affection which deluged the suffering with empathy. The voice of MG is the key light of her singles, which dives deep into the heart of the matter, in angular acuteness and prevalence. With ‘Tombé’ she continues her race into the next chapter of career, contribution, and enlightenment.

Sub Blue – Think We’re Fine ft Manga Saint Hilare

‘Think We’re Fine’, off of the upcoming EP ‘Wilfully Blind’, is the single from UK based artist SUB BLUE. “Think We’re Fine’ is about how we live our lives carefree; spending money, doing whatever it is we want – without worrying about consequence or seeming not to. This is often glorified publicly making it so easy to bask in the glory of it. But behind all that, we are all fighting our own battles that not everyone knows about. So true. But it’s part of the game that must be played, even to be IN the game. It might destroy you, but it’s that inner civil war, that may be the engine for the creativity that astounds. Let’s win the good fight.

Lea Santee – Wine

Following their previous EP ‘Venice II’ LEA SANTEE keeps on subtly innovating with gentle sweeps and best in class use of the tools available to them. The catchy arrangement of sounds and memories make this single a delicious aperture when we’re in deep in our melancholic sorrows, desires, love. LEA SANTEE is Lea Stöger (songwriting and vocals) and Manuel Hosp (producer), hailing from Vienna, Austria.

Charlotte OC – Satellite

CHARLOTTE OC’s latest ‘Satellite’ is how it’s done when trying to make the angst and trepidation communicate seamlessly to others. The under-stated, but powerful vocals drive the nail into our hearts, lamenting the lost opportunities in love and war. Sailing in the mists of space, we get to see the lonely ship that sails on that glass like waves of the massive sea. It’s her. It’s him. This is the moment. Will we take it? Will we make something of it? Look for her upcoming album in 2019.


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