Ann Christine Shares Debut Single ‘New Men’. “Celebration of female strength and presence in the 21st century.”

ANN CHRISTINE’s single ‘New Men’ is that feeling of having a crisis in your head that you’d never want to get rid of. The Berlin based alt-pop provocateur deems her vision of song within the realms of ‘savage-pop’. But there’s only one thing that we at CHF can call it: Fabulous. ‘New Men’, with its underlying rich tapestry of cynicism, marries formidably the nuance of how life and fantasy can describe a ‘way forward’.

Complaining about what a man cannot be in this world? Complaining about the world being overrun by the female persuasion? Are you that weak? Are you that victimized? Get with it. You don’t deserve to be a victim, man!

The song is a fearless ‘celebration’ of female strength and presence in the new 21st century. Ann Christine’s interpretation for an a new kind of anthem for this very personal and worldly phenomenon, delivers with ample thrust and vicious hue for a better tomorrow. A suggestion of positivity, but never about degrading or deriding the opposite sex, the empowerment message is clear and deserves notice.

The music video was written by Ann Christine and created with creatives living and working in Berlin.

Let’s move further.

Let’s move forward.

Let’s move with confidence.



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