Anna B Savage ‘Baby Grand’ : Dynamically expunge off of her equally cinematic vocals, to give you all there has to be.

Anna B Savage

Anna B Savage’s songs are compelling to the bone. Cutting through the line of powdered narratives, the idillic vexation of Anna’s lyrics, dynamically expunge off of her equally cinematic vocals, to give you all there has to be.

You’d never knew you can absorb such sounds, into your fiber of being – into your marrows of bone and muscle.

Included in the upcoming debut LP ‘A Common Turn Out’ (January 29th),

Said Anna: “Jem (Talbot) was my first love. For three years we’ve been working on a film together about our past relationship. This song is written about a night Jem and I had, just after we’d started work on the film. This night was – like much of the filmmaking process – very confusing. Taut with unexpressed emotions, vulnerability, and miscommunication.”

“Baby Grand (the film) and A Common Turn (album) are companion pieces: woven together in subject, inspiration and time,” continued Anna. “Jem was, for want of a better word, a muse for A Common Turn. Expressing ourselves through our different mediums (mine: music, his: film) became a way for our disciplines to talk, perhaps in place of us.”

Anna’s music is certainly special in every way. Depth as the oceans, blue as the sky. A poetic reality – utterly inspirational – grifts from your sense of the unaffectionate, and delights you into a frothy intervention of inviting warmth and keen effervescence.

‘Baby Grand’ continues this fabulous journey, Anna implores us to take with her.

Anna’s work deepens and widens the wanting.


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