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Anna Burch – 2 Cool 2 Care

Anna Burch’s 2 Cool 2 Care comes at us from the Detroit Michigan cold; warmed by the vaporizing heat of the song’s breath. Finding love, dreaming of love, finding one self. It’s a cool song. Mundanely, apocalyptic with a twist of irony.

Anna brings that wholesome, rawness to the song. This might be because of her reported ‘new-ness’ to the whole entertainment arena – but we highly doubt it.

It’s an innate talent, really. There is a blurred line between being born with a talent and learning that particular skill.

Being a cool presenter of feelings, written on paper, preparing the song and music, and playing live in front of a crowd is a task.

Now, doing well and connecting with that crowd – it’s a different ball game all together.

And in all indication, seems Anna is on a great path.

She’s got the songs, the x-factor, the chops, and, most important of all – is great at being raw and honest in her songs.

Anywho, at least that’s what we feel.

Could be wrong LOL.

But probably not. LOL.

Ok, she’s rep’ed by one of our fave labels, Polyvinyl. They’ve done a fab job marketing her songs. Looks to be a great combination.

Let’s see where things go, and looking forward to more Anna, in the near future.



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