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Anna Burch’s debut solo album ‘Quit The Curse’

On February 2nd, the much anticipated debut Solo album from Anna Burch will be dropped and to be honest, we can’t wait for the masses to experience the solum, introspective revelry she poses.

The 9 song LP (currently available for pre-order) is a scandalous raking of her memories and feelings, current and in future-past. The songs extricate, the engrained and superimposed difficulties for the problems of relationships, thoughts, and the undeniable effects of dealing out of spite.

Oh my.

The verses wipe away the sadness, by talking about the unwanted ilk that existed deep and accumulated like granite. The attitude of ‘what can you do, I went through it, I really don’t like you’ – is dressed up in a passive/aggressive nonchalance, but with the warmth of assurance and sympathy.

It’s a powerful, self-strengthening method (and style) of songwriting.

It gets through the fog, with those torches Anna illustrates with vigor. The songs just takes back the dignity which was once lost- with interest.

“Writing songs that I actually liked for the first time gave me a feeling of accomplishment,” Burch said

Her style is compelling. It’s admirable. It’s something we can cheer for & towards.

Here are our short little thoughts on each of the songs in the album:
2 Cool 2 Care
In our October review of this song we said: “Anna Burch’s 2 Cool 2 Care comes at us from the Detroit Michigan cold; warmed by the vaporizing heat of the song’s breath. Finding love, dreaming of love, finding one self. It’s a cool song. Mundanely, apocalyptic with a twist of irony.” It’s a fab song, TBH.

Tea-Soaked Letter
People recommend ‘things’ all the time. And days ‘go past’, all the time. No stopping either. Filter is what’s needed. The faster beat ‘Tea-Soaked Letter’ utilizing quip guitar licks, supporting Anna’s beautiful voice, makes it a ‘PSA’ of sorts. It made our heads bop, up and down in agreement.

Asking 4 A Friend
“Why do you do this to me? It’s a simple and obvious request.” Recognition, putting one’s heart on that table – to be ridiculed, maybe trampled on. But what if all of that were done in your head only? Why do you lie? Don’t lie.

Quit The Curse
Thinking that the universe is ‘against’ you, your aims, your actions, relationships. A problem, for sure. It’s part of the realm of making your own ‘luck’, isn’t it? Confusion, causes unwanted reflections then inactions. Nip it in the bud.

Belle Isle

We love folk/country. Yep. Now you know. Insert sultry vocals (like Anna’s), lyrics that are just as poignant, and add slide guitar licks for best measure – we’re in. “You give me the power to survive. Maybe thrive. Stay with me. Help me. Help us.” The song is about future expectations, and excitement to get there – getting there – together. It’s a beautiful song. Simply that.

In Your Dreams.
Quite short of full attainment. But ‘we understand’. It’s hard. It might be rough going. There’s self-reflection in the song, but it’s more about observing the oddities, ironic circumstances, and seemingly providential hinderances. Let it go.

What I Want
“I want you. Want me.” Don’t let things get in the way. But they do. Never forgot about you. You should be with me. I’m struggling. “I won’t play the victim. Just because I can’t get what I want.” There’s wishing, though. This song helps.

Yeah You Know
The most ‘rocking’ song in the album. It starts very abruptly. For it’s a tale Anna wants to tell, with urgency, and distinction. “Why are you slow to recognize what I’m feeling?” You should know. Frustrating. You can do it. Come around, I love you.

With You Every Day
It’s a mystery, sometimes, not knowing the person you’d been with for such a long time. Why are relationships like that? It goes on like that all the time, however. It’s natural. Is it the other person’s fault? Maybe more of your own. However, the opportunities to re-learn the one you care about, always exist. Let’s start today.

“Writing songs about my emotional struggles helped me to work through some negative patterns in my personal life, while giving me the sense of creative agency I’d been searching for.”

We congratulate Anna for a fabulous debut, it’s been a joy to experience it. The depth in littering serious personal passings into sultry and beautiful layouts, just goes well and made us love it so.

Kudos, Anna. Kudos.

Just like our first review of her single in October, we’re still on board with her output for this album.

We dig it – lots.

You should too.

She’s rep’ed by Polyvinyl.



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