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Anna Dellaria // Dominik Klein // Promis3 // Daniel Davila // The Griswolds

Anna Dellaria – Baggage

Anna Dellaria’s previously been featured on HBO, ‘Younger’ and across 6 New Music Friday Playlists. ‘Baggage’ is the 3rd single off her upcoming debut EP and unfolds the story of trying to get over a toxic relationship. San Francisco born and Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer Anna Dellaria, offers bouncy choruses and melodic verses, which depict the frustration felt when still missing someone you know. Anna is set to release her debut EP this Fall. The EP is driven by a desire to create a fresh & authentic sound rooted in turning imperfection into power: darkness into light.

Dominik Klein – High & Low

“My new release High & Low is about ups and downs in a relationship. I believe if you’re having a hard time in your relationship it can make you stronger when you go through those problems as a team. With my new song High & Low i want to give my listeners courage to stay strong if their relationship is tough to handle right now.” Dominik Klein is a pop singer/songwriter born in Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by his love of pop music in his early teens, Dominik began to explore his musical talents. He learned to play the guitar and started covering and recording songs by his favorite artists. Bringing successfully the vibes of the days of 90’s boy-band aesthetics, the rhythms and harmonies synch passionately through Dominik’s beautifully full and romantic vocals. The pop exudes with gorgeous twinkle, as the nostalgia of your own personal passions, flow and connect with his vibes.

Promis3 – Angels

PROMIS3 is a music duo hailing from Belgium. ‘Angels’ portrays the musical equivalent of a sad fairytale taking place in PROMIS3’S simulated paradise. This song tells the story of faded childhood fantasies, shattered dreams and losing the fight against the ruthlessness of life. The duo described themselves as: “The universe has it’s way of bringing certain people together in the most unforeseen ways. From the moment our eyes interlocked it felt like 2 lost souls finally found each other at the exit of the labyrinth that life can be.” Beautiful spaces, particals erased, knowledge pertains – the ultimate salvation. Within ‘Angels’ salvation exists. But will take work. Like life. Life is dog-eat-dog, no matter where, no matter the privilege. We all want the same prize. But let’s think positively, and be angular in being clever. Let’ work. Let’s become angels in our own rights.

Daniel Davila – Saints

Puerto Rican singer/ songwriter/ producer Daniel Davila’s debut single showcases his simplistic production style, taken from his latin routes. Including nylon guitar, conga, and smooth vocals. Los Angeles based, he has worked with artists like Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, and Robert Glasper. His debut single ‘Saints’ is an exercise in deft awareness for his tools for construction and methods for developing connections with his audience. The ghosts of the past, will always guide, never to surrender, when the tough crowd shouts – the tactic that flows, from the hands that feed, you never will cower in the heat – her body heat. Lovely acoustic guitar, with the beauty of Daniel’s vocals, deliver in a total sensory depth in pleasure. Watch out for more form Daniel.

The Griswolds – SOMEBODY

The Griswolds are best known for their catchy tunes, party style live shows, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Yea. ‘Somebody’ is just so fun. Dang fun. Formed by singer songwriter Chris Whitehall, the indie-rock band became an alternative radio sensation following their debut album, “BE IMPRESSIVE” in 2014. “‘SOMEBODY’ is the cassette mixtape song you send someone when you can barely convince yourself to talk to them, let alone tell them how you feel”. ‘SOMEBODY’ is the 2nd single from the upcoming ‘All My Friends’ EP coming December 6.


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