Anna Oh ‘The Way I Disappear’ : Works beautifully with perfection in folds of lyrics.

Anna Oh

In the best lyrical traditions of Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and Heart, Anna Oh’s single ‘The Way I Disappear’ just works beautifully with perfection in folds of lyrics, timing and arrangement opportunities. Anna’s loving vocals, dance with empathy, as the surge of attending 70’s soft-rock shine, the single is a declaration to be sure.

Anna Oh is a soulful Singer-Songwriter whose music spans many genres. Known for her sultry voice and spirited live performances, Anna Oh presents progressive New York City music ethos rooted in social activism. Inspired by alternative country and folk music, Anna also draws from her love of Classic Rock, Grunge, and Soul.

‘The Way I Disappear’ comes from the upcoming EP ‘No More Hiding’ coming out at the end of March.


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