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ANNA PANCALDI: “‘Peace’ Is My First ‘Foot-Stomper’ Track Which I Think Will Surprise Listeners”.

‘Peace’ by fab pop songstress ANNA PANCALDI debuts her electric guitar ‘exploration’, as she calls it. The song was produced by Matt Ingram of Florence and the Machine, Laura Marling and Lianne La Havas, heritage.

“A challenge at first but now an exhilarating awakening having discovered and then explored the electric guitar. ‘Peace’ is my first ‘foot stomper’ track which I think will surprise listeners who’ve been on the journey with me so far…” stated the heart-strong Anna Pancaldi.

Anna’s professional trek officially went into another gear when her 2017 EP ‘Sweet Charity’ dropped, which was well received by the powers that be in British Radio (BBC 6, Radio 2). And with about 1.5M downloads online, she has continued her life on the road, selling out London shows and making fans happy. Her infectious attitude and distinctive theatrical vocals, she’s also had been featured on ABC’s show ‘Famous In Love’, across the pond in the US.

Now, here we are, with Anna wanting to stretch her legs in a slightly different direction. ‘Peace’ is one of her efforts, determined to show another side of her creativity to her fans. Working more on the indie-rock side of things, Matt Ingram’s influence has been a big inflection in the steps in trying to achieve such an exercise.

Anna added, “It feels a bold evolution for me so here we go.”

There were signs in her previous works that she seemed to have already been delving into this new direction. Listen to ‘Stay Right Here’ in her ‘Sweet Charity’ EP, and to us, where her purposeful strength in conviction for each word in her lyrics, showed what could become. Completed in ‘Peace’, her indelible itch to stretch her creative imaginations, shines through the simplicity and earnest efforts.

We think it’s bold, and certainly on the right direction.

Looking forward to what’s next.



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