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Anna Smyrk Shares ‘Bones’. “A gentle swell of emotions.”

Essence is what Anna Smyrk’s latest ‘Bones’ off of her latest record ‘Swim’, does so well. A gentle swell of emotions, just enough to break the water tension of that deliberate cup, the drip of sanity and reality, co-mingle to drop off the stories of old, new, and of the present.

‘Bones’ is steeped in the longing for the ocean. And just like her other singles off of ‘Swim’, every chord is a journey worth taking. With Anna’s confident but always inquisitive empathy, bleeding into the bodies of the words, ‘Bones’ is a cast of colors and hues, dignified for the main stage.

Indie and folk, the bluegrass decadence never leaves the existence of Anna’s classic offerings. The aroma of sentimentality, constructs a valiant and majestic method of explaining the personal for the public at hand.

And Anna does it right.

Hear Anna take you on a journey around the world, from the sapphire waters of the Solomon Islands, to crumbling Cambodian towns to a lonely megacity in the Philippines.

“Being in unfamiliar places always spurs new ideas for me,” Anna added. “I wrote these songs in the Solomon Islands, Cambodia and Australia. I was living in places that were so different in so many ways, but water, rain and the ocean were fundamental in all of them, and images of water kept coming up in the songs.”

See Anna next @ Macedon Railway Hotel, Macedon, Victoria (Australia) November 22nd.



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