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Anna St. Louis – Fire

“Eventually, honey. Eventually. Let’s go now. It’s time for work.” Trifle and maybe impetuous, Nadine, went on her business. Religious in a non-religious way, she waited.

Anna St. Louis’ Fire is a trial and a subpoena for the heart’s very soul. Meticulous, angered, tempered, and melodic – it resonates the virtues of serendipitous angst we all hide, here or there.

In this song, Anna calls on some righteous man in black, Johnny Cash, and dug our bespoke, CHF, grave. We got hit on the head, with the dark morass of intrigue the song portrayed. The soothing vocals of a dastardly songstress, highlighted by the guitar work of the excited future.

Nadine, in her eyes, was a catch.

She thought so. With a great personality and beauty to boot, she agreed with her own assessment.

But the ones who approached her, were all unsuitable. Unreliable. Unmotivated.

As she was working on her documents at the office, and multitasking on her thoughts – she realized this was the way.

What can she do? It’s the way it is.

“I can’t change that,” she thought to herself.

“It’s just meant to be.”

Her project for her department became a standard for other departments to follow.

If she couldn’t have it the other way, then she’ll make her own mark.

“I’ll promise that to myself.”

And she did.

Anna is an artist, all around. Grew up in Kansas City and moved to Los Angeles, at a later stage, to pursue her musical career.

Her influences are evident in her songs. She makes the songs her own, throughout.

And we dig that. A lot.

Her album ‘First Songs’ dropped in early November, and just like this song, it’s a fab collection.

Kudos, Anna. Kudos.

She’s rep’ed by Mare / Woodist Records.



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