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Anna Vogelzang Shares ‘Burning Star’ Off Of Her 7th Studio Album ‘Beacon’ (October 4th).

Carla Coffing

‘Burning Star’ is a song that sparks empowerment in all of the right ways. The belonging of love and loss, and the cosmic dream of perfect connection with the love you’d always wanted to be beside. It’s that urge and excitement that is ultimate with Anna’s beautiful single.

Effervescent at it’s core, the clarity is of beckoning chimes and of story telling.

The hopes and expectations come together to smile and reminisce together in ‘Burning Star’.

“This is my favorite kind of song — one that reveals itself to you instead of trying to outrun you.”

Anna added: “Very proud to announce that my new album BEACON will be out everywhere Oct 4.. co-produced w/ Tyler Chester & featuring #jaybellerose, #adamlevy & Mai Bloomfield. This one has taken a lot of work and time and is all about transformation, home, the light, & the momentum of surrendering to the place of the unknown…Thank you for listening, the first song is yours now! & that feels really good.”

‘Beacon’ is Anna’s 7th studio album, which drops October 4.

See Anna for her release show @ Hot Shot Mufflers (5507 York Blvd) in Los Angeles, October 4th.



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