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Anna Volpe – You & You

“He recognized the awkwardness of his unheroic attempts to hide. Now it shamed him.” Anna Volpe’s melodic and theatrical ambience of her vocals, brings to the fore, the vulnerability obvious. It’s a lullaby for us grownups – a promise for love and sanity.

“It’s a senseless act of curiosity, to be honest.” The cowboy trotting on his steed.

“I don’t need to do this. Not my place to do so.”

He glanced back behind his left shoulder, just peeking enough to get the gist.

He did know that he was a bit embarrassed at himself for doing so. But what could he have done? It wasn’t what he was there for. It’s not his fault.

He murmured under his breath for a mile, or so.

His horse didn’t have a care in the world.

The cowboy, was jealous of that fact.

“How dare he not care about what I’m going through?!” staring the death stare at this horse’s head.

The afternoon was almost over and about 2 hours of sun remained, in his estimation.

“Why do I feel so guilty?”

He glanced at his palm, party wet now with the blood of his kills.

“I did my job. That’s all.”

Volpe’s words and vocals, in this song, may depict a ‘hymn-like’ lullaby, as we’d mentioned. But it’s more direct than that.

It’s more ‘vicious’ – a ‘cautionary tale’ like structure comes beaming out.

It’s dangerous, in a sense.

A death with a silent blow to the head.

It’s a fascinating combination, to be sure.

It’s haunting and weirdly vivid.

And that is why we dig this song.

You should too.

Kudos, Anna. Kudos.

Don’t know if you’d meant to produce the song that way, but we sure felt it.

It’s a dang good thing.



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