Annie DiRusso ‘Judgements From The World’s Greatest Band’ : Effervescent garage rock hymns, and country-rock aesthetics. It’ll do you good.

Annie DiRusso

Refreshing and de-mystifying, Annie DiRusso’s scintillating single, ‘Judgements From The World’s Greatest Band’, is a throwback vibe that is modern as a bite from a rattlesnake. A charming and deadly victory, the song is a fabulous, straight to the point option for digging into memories that hurt.

The NYC / Nashville artist, delivers streaks of truths through effervescent garage rock hymns, and country-rock aesthetics, to pour sentimentalities to the fore.

The result is a foundation for letting things go, as they weigh you down. And when things weigh you down, you can’t do anything else but sulk.

Annie thinks you can do better.

Get into this nostalgic goodness in Judgements From The World’s Greatest Band’.

It’ll do you good.


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