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Annika Grace // ONCE A TREE // Petticoat // LUURK // Disco Shrine

Annika Grace – Crazy Stupid Bitch

“Knowing your worth and striving, is what we all should aspire towards. Annika has.” The ever mature songwriting skills of ANNIKA GRACE is beautiful, inspiring, and wonderful to be around. The partaking of small nuances to depict a formidable level of anthemic effort into social commentaries is what ‘Crazy Stupid Pitch’ is about. Annika puts it: “It’s surprising that even though the ‘girl power’ movement is going full force, there’s still some girls that would be mean to each other.” Truth. The fight will always be generational, with constant educating to be demanded. Will we ever ‘get it’? Annika hopes it comes true. We all do. ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’ is a fabulous injection of cantilevered pacing, juxtaposing sounds, and an exercise of vehement musical dynamism in alt-pop fashion. Fabulous.


“That bubbly feeling when you + your partner decide to shoot a music video by yourselves and travel to Mexico with all your film gear and a 30lb skeleton named Tony and get stopped by the police thinking your transporting a dead body and have the whole town of San Miguel de Allende whippin’ out their phones tryna’ turn you into a meme.” Odd and surreal; pervasive then calming – the vibe of ONCE A TREE’s single ‘What You say’ is of decadence through singer Jayli’s vocals. The compositional fortitude of the song completed by partner duo, Hayden, delivers with a subtle darkened punch that tastes delicious.

Petticoat – EndFormat

“I couldn’t make a song about modern connection without the inclusion of sex work,” PETTICOAT (David Halsey) said. “So many songs paint sex workers as needing saving or being in danger. I wanted to make a song that celebrates infatuation over websites and the people who use sex and intimacy as a tool for income. It’s dance-y and fun. The countless instruments and noises popping in and out are a sonic representation of a sex site; pop-ups, malware, medicine scams, and all.” We’d called PETTICOAT “a decadent stack of sundaes, melting at your own body heat, soaking in the energies of past memories and future opportunities for delight”. Debut EP, ‘InFormat’ is a 5 track collection now available, and downright fabulous in its shine. The diversified and engrossing talent of PETTICOAT comes through.

LUURK – Lilac Clouds (ft/ Edwina Maben)

“Lilac clouds is about the process of letting go of someone. It’s about feeling confused and questioning all your actions with a person, but still knowing you’re on the right track without them.” In 2018 Edwina released her debut EP, Contagious. The EP revolves around the ‘contagious’ aspects of communication with titles including Curiosity, Motion, Energy, and Ideas. Stated LUURK: “I think it’s self explanatory, you go through stuff just like anyone else but it can have multiple meanings. Music is a great way of letting go of stress and emotions.” Edwina Maben’s songwriting journey has a story unlike many others. The songstress penned her first song at the age of 13, and refused to share her creations with anyone other than two close friends. She continues to grow as an artist, songwriter, and community member in the Denver music scene. In 2018 Edwina released her debut EP, Contagious.

Disco Shrine – Alright

Disco Shrine, aka Persian Barbie, is the LA based, pop spark plug known for being a songwriter, world traveling DJ, and event curator. Disco Shrine released her debut single ‘Up In The Air’ in 2018 through French label Kitsune in partnership with the NBA. ‘Alright’ is a feminist anthem about independence and breaking the stereotype associated with being femme. DISCO SHRINE stated: “When I first started in music a lot of men would tell me how I should sound, what I should look like, and it usually involved me being hyper girly and sexual. They would make me feel inferior. This video is the embodiment of me finding that power and taking it back. It’s proof that girls can appreciate a cliche without being one.” See her next at her release party in High Tide, Los Angeles. “I’m throwing a y2k dream pop themed release party at High Tide which will include everything from custom nail decals and glitter tattoos to cotton candy and a cloud photo booth created by production designer Lily Letigre.” Nice.


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