ANNNA ‘Polyester’ : Artist does so with the kind of chic style that delivers in spades.


‘Polyester’ is the third song of ANNNA’s upcoming EP that will be released in May. ANNNA is a project of Anna Madara Pērkone, and she is an indie-electronic music producer and singer from Amsterdam. The Latvian/Dutch artist took the subject of this track when she read in an article a few years back: domestic violence. And the 2018 BBC article explained how aggression happens in homes once a team loses during the World Cup.

We’d called the project: “The absurdity of such things that happen in this world, is a tint of what happens inside the mind of Anna’s own curiosity for the oblong weirdness of human society. The prevalent awkwardness must be made aware, and the artist does so with the kind of chic style that delivers in spades.”

So truuuu.


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