ANOE ‘Sunrise BLVD’ : With each morning, we see each other, anew.


“I actually created this as a gift for my fans for getting my previous release ‘Sunset Drive’..” said ANOE. “It’s like the “morning after” of Sunset Drive; Because Sunset to Sunrise. It’s a story of waking up to someone you care about, they’re sleeping so you want to continue that euphoria by driving during Sunrise. There’s a little sample included where they call you to say they “miss you”…”

We’d stated about ANOE: “Wonderfully understated. Wonderfully delightful in wisdom. ANOE’s single is a culmination of years of self-enveloped thought and philosophy towards the life that is. And what it ‘is’, is that it ‘will’ move forward, and you must make the best of it. Like the warm glow of the setting sun, the attraction to ‘Sunset Drive’ delivers in smiles.”

With each pacing pulse, a new dawn is promising over just yonder.

With each glean of butterfly kisses, we awash the past and start again.

With each morning, we see each other, anew.

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• Hey Friend 🙂. . • I'm proud to announce that on March 20th, I'll be releasing a new song along with some awesome, lovely, people (there's a presave link in my bio for it 😛)🌸. Truly a Genesis project of this group! I met them (plus more members) over discord, over the course of the last year and it has been such a benefit to be apart of a positive group of musicians and people who are progressing upwards! 🤙🏻 . • This is a super special release and I want to share this with you❤️. . • I want to excuse my absence. I've had a few weeks to myself to get some things done and I'm still finalizing those things but I wanted to come and make an announcement. And there's only more to come (ヅ). . . . . . #netvio #anoe #anoemusic #compilationEP #EP #vibey #electropop #electronic #house #techhouse #edm #indie #indieartistspotlight

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