Anthony Da Costa ‘Runaway’ : It’s a beautiful song, that touches with a delicate psalm.

Anthony Da Costa

“I feel I’m just getting my own music off the ground, though I’ve been playing it for 13 years,” da Costa muses. “But everything I’ve done has contributed to my knowledge. It was the prelude, and now I know singing and writing my songs is most important to me.”

There’s a limit to one’s method to compromise. The world calls out to you to do just that. It’s hard to manage sometimes. As the world turns, you turn to make your ‘living’ as comfortable as possible. But there’s always a trade off that never seems to go away fully. Boss, bullies, trends, markets, a lover – they take a toll on the psyche of the creativity that you’d come to know, but fading fast in this modern world, slowly but surely.

Anthony Da Costa’s dedication is in his music, and it shows and sings like it’s the first time. ‘Runaway’ delicately fulfills the mission of ingenuity and honesty, delightfully shining against the consistency of Anthony’s vocals and lyrical talents.

It’s a beautiful song, that touches with a delicate psalm. It brings you joy, as it shows the full frame of life.

An anthem that gives you hope.

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