Anton Fernandez ‘what now’ : As the tick-tock forward progression of space, saddens even further.

Anton Fernandez

Heavy distortion, rains down like solidified sulfur. That gray exuberance dance with taunting trips, with lip curled smiles and antics. ‘what now’ from Anton Fernandez’ EP ‘Soda Press’ impresses as it delivers the flag pricking simplicity that it exudes. A reverent curtailing of time and journal, the written emotions are faired nonchalant in this hefty notion in life.

A life of questions and demonization for emphasis and motivation, we trudge through it all, with that curled professionalism, while we weep in angst and personal anger.

We die a little, as the tick-tock forward progression of space, saddens even further.

But Anton’s single is about acceptance as it occurs. It is what it is, and you must absorb that. From then, things might have the chance to heal and recuperate.

You are your own doctor, and you must diagnose with precision. For life isn’t going anywhere.

You must flow for life sake.


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