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Antonio Larosa Shares ‘Different Pages’. “The love for each other, never have been more serious.”

Burnaby, BC, Canada native ANTONIO LAROSA’s soft and caring vocals exude a love’s confidence. And as his latest single ‘Different Pages’ plays on the radio, you and her, dance in the middle of the floor, isolated with only the deep love for each other. Gazing into the other’s eyes, both of you realize the magnitude of the life you have together.

And when a song is written about lovers who are meant for each other, never are single at the opportune time, that gaze into each other’s eyes seem even more special.

In our CHF minds, we want this story from Antonio to have a happy beginning to a new relationship.

That’s what Antonio’s music does. It wants everyone to be loved – in love – trying love. With inspiration via Elvis Presley, John Mayer, Sturgill Simpson, Eric Clapton, and the Allman Brothers Band, this singer/songwriter has the goods, which is plain to see. After his debut solo album ‘Steadfast’ in 2017, he’s gone on the road with multiple artist opening at venues like the 2018 Red Truck Concert Series in Vancouver. This summer he’ll be part of the upcoming The Rockin’ River Fest in Merritt, BC.

‘Different Pages’ is a straight forward pop-country single that is instantaneously recognizable by your heart and easily digestible. Falling in love gets never easier.



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