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APEMAN SPACEMAN // Twin Dive // CATES // REAPERZ // Soulitaire

APEMAN SPACEMAN – Living in a Teacake

North London brings us, Apeman Spaceman. As they eloquently puts it: “swinging through the branches, screaming. An alt-rock post-punk set-up, fascinated by the darker side of humanity like a chimp turning over a log for grubs, but always aware that those tribal, brutal instincts can be transcended through romance and reason to take us to the stars…” Whoa. Mind blown. And best of all, they can play too. Shoegaze inspired rock is just so drizzly sexy. Yes. We said it. ‘Living In A Teacake’ is that. And then some.

Twin Dive – Animal

Formed last year in Aarhus, Denmark, TWIN DRIVE is something ‘else’. Not brooding; but massive. Not exalting; but damning. Not sultry; but bionic. ‘Animal’ is that grinding, throat quenching indie-rock that surges with guts and profounds with amplitude. From the build up of the weighty lyrics, the incumbent reticence of the vocals, thrust with pure power and grace, as it slashes through the chorus. The new band, give it their all – from one note to another. ‘Animal’ is that missing galaxy that decades of experiments finally birthed into existence. The dimension thrives in angst and bending chords of agonizing bliss.

CATES – Part Time Poverty

CATES’ single ‘Part Time Poverty’ comes from the freeform manifestations of brothers Matthew and Aaron Cates. We say ‘manifestations’ because the menagerie of goodness from the minds of the duo is eclectic and binding tot he wholeness of the Universe. A righteous indignation of chords and summations, bind with pity, as the words of the song surge with utter contempt of mind, the body, and of blistering licks. Pop and rock combine in delicious swirls as the imaginations and metaphors flow with glorious colors.

REAPERZ – The Living Dead

“Lyrically, the track is a dig at the zombie culture produced by the unambitious 9-5 lifestyle and the willingness for people to do exactly as they are told. For the video, we flipped it on its head for pure comedy effect. The underlying message being that even if you are guilty of living slightly un-ambitiously, it’s not too late to put a spring in your step and pursues the things you really want in life.” From the core of Max Westland and Scott Low, ‘The Living Dead’ comes to ‘life’. And with its return to the living, the song applies maximal pressures to your head and heart, as it plunges you in a moxy of headbanging. You don’t care for your safety, nor the detriment of the world. You live for this song. REAPERZ is a rock band from Scotland. Dig it.

Soulitaire – I May Never Learn To Run

Austria based artist SOULITAIRE is Martin Rotheneder. And in ‘I May Never Learn To Run’ he brings maturity and gravitas, through his fabulous lyrics, future focused frame of mind, and soaring visions. Martin stated: “Around the time this song was written, I experienced more anxiety than at any other time in my life. It wasn’t one big thing, there were several different issues that flooded my body with adrenaline with my first thoughts each morning. To cope with these fears felt like jumping into deep water, holding my breath for as long as possible and dive right through to the other side. But the deeper I was diving, the more I lost faith that I would ever be able to breathe again. Writing this song was like a Zen exercise for me. It helped me zero in on the moment and not let my anxieties get as big as they sometimes had gotten. It gave me strength and confidence whenever I sung it, instead of being the frightened little boy I’d become over time.” The world-jazz vibin’ single is both blues pop and modern subtlety. Mix of multiple genres, Spanish guitar strums, and the effervescence that Marin can only provide – the song explodes into colorful nebulas of music.


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