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APNEA (애프니어) ‘Falling’ : Vigor and triumphant energies. Pushes their sound boundaries and mark-up imaginations.


Approachable angsts, diabolically designed under the vocal attractions, South Korean band, APNEA, surges with vigor and triumphant energies.

Consisting of 최승원 Nthonius (Producer, DJ, Sound Design), 김건재 GeonJae Kim a.k.a gleepy (Drums), 강건구 GET KU (Guitar), 류혜진 Riyou (Vocal) and 유승현 SeungHyun You (Bass), the team consistently pushes their sound boundaries and mark-up imaginations.

Both true and exulting, ‘Falling’, gives you what you want and then some.

APNEA’s second EP ‘ANAE-1231’ is an album as a process of organizing the styles of the past by collecting the music that Afnier has made since the first EP. Each song contains various genres such as Nu-metal, Trance, Synthpop, Hard Rock, J-Rock, and Dubstep into a rich sound that fills the ears.


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