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Apple 2017 Special Announcement Event: iPhoneX starts @ $999 & augmented reality.

So, we here at CHF watched the whole 2017 announcement show Apple held at their new HQ facilities. The event was smooth and all characters pleaded their case. The highlight, of course was, the announcement of the highly leaked, iPhone X (Ten).

The iPhone X’s expected features were noted: no physical home button, swipe wake, swipe multi-task, button siri, glass-to-glass design, dual cameras, multiple sensors.

The price tag of $999 (start price) was true, as well.

Here’s the low-down summary from our Twitter account, from beginning to last.

– Apple Watch elevated heart-rate notification feature? Interesting
– Apple Watch “heart study” later this year on app store
Apple Watch series 3, cellular built in, go anywhere, no phone needed
– Apple Watch series 3, same phone number, no phone needed
– Apple Watch series 3, access songs directly on the watch
– Apple Watch series 3, 70% faster processing, siri talks on watch
– Apple Watch series 3, altimeter, future snowboarder/skiiing app
– Apple Watch series 3, antennae is the display is same size vs. series 2
– Apple Watch series 3, demo of watch, watch in middle of lake, quaint & expected LOL
– Apple Watch series 3, if real, the cell connection seems powerful
– Apple Watch series 3, new bands, new apps, new colors, Hermes styles continue
– Apple Watch series 3, ceramic watch introduced
– Apple Watch series 3, $329 w/out cell, $399 w/cell
– Apple Watch series 3, September 15 orders start, Setptember 22, availability.

– Apple TV 4K, HDR included in the 4K package
– Apple TV UI has been redone in 4K too
– Apple TV 4K #A10X chip, 2x faster #CPU, #tvOS
– Apple TV + netflix hdr, amazon prime hdr
– Apple TV + live sports soon, Youtube TV-esque?

– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, gold color available
– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, color accuracy improved
– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, deeper bass speakers
– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, A11Bionic chip, six core CPU
– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, 25% faster than A10
– Apple iPhone8 & 8Plus, better low light photography
– iPhone8 & 8Plus, 12MP camera f1.8/f2.8 aperture
– iPhone 8Plus, dual cameras, portrait lighting
– iPhone 8Plus, portrait lighting feature realtime lighting effect
– iPhone 8, 4K video, slo-mo 24fps
– iPhone 8, #augmentedreality (AR)
– iPhone 8, #augmentedreality view real world with more info
– iPhone 8, #augmentedreality could be future new advertising territory, no?
– iPhone 8, LTE advance, blutooth 5.0, wireless charging too
– iPhone 8, Qi (chi) wireless standard
– iPhone 8/Plus, starting prices $699 & $799 respectively

– iPhoneX, edge to edge glass, water/dust resistant
– iPhoneX, super retina display, 5.8″ diag 2436x 1125
– iPhoneX, OLED display, HDR, color accuracy, 3D touch
– iPhoneX, wake-up tap, no more home button
– iPhoneX, swipe home feature, every screen multi task
– iPhoneX, siri side button
– iPhoneX, unlock with face recognition
– iPhoneX, true depth camera, infrared, flood, dot, proximity, mic/speaker
– iPhoneX, Face ID, neural networks
– iPhoneX, A11 Bionic neural engine
– iPhoneX, A11 Bionic neural engine, dual core, realtime
– iPhoneX, FaceID learns your face, no matter style
– iPhoneX, FaceID, guards against photographs, fake faces
– iPhoneX, FaceID, info doesn’t go to any external server
– iPhoneX, FaceID, 1-in-1,000,000 chance it could fail
– iPhoneX, FaceID, apple pay, third party
– iPhoneX, FaceID, emojis vs. Animoji, we control with face
– iPhoneX, FaceID, 12 animojis available
– iPhoneX, multi-task looks smooth, swiping smooth
– iPhoneX, faceID working nice, pretty quick reply
– iPhoneX, snapchat demo, tracking is fantastic looking
– iPhoneX, Animoji tracking on mouth movement looks fast accurate
– iPhoneX, Animoji seems it’ll be used lots by customers
– iPhoneX, camera, 12MP sensors like iphone8
– iPhoneX, camera, dual camera, flash as well
– iPhoneX, camera, true depth in front too
– iPhoneX, battery life, 2 hours more than iPhone7
– iPhoneX, wireless charging, Qi
– iPhoneX, AirPower, new charging pad / system announced
– iPhoneX, AirPower, available 2018
– iPhoneX, $999 Oct 27 order start, Nov 3rd ship


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