Amazon’s options on their 2nd headquarters. Where could it be built?

Amazon has expressed several general guideline, in their search for a new headquarters location.

(1) Suburban or urban area with more than 1 million people.
(2) A community that “thinks big”.
(3) A location that will attract technical talent.

Cities have been urged by Amazon to submit proposals.

CNN Tech recently imagined which Amazon could consider:

San Jose
Washington D.C.

These cities have pros/cons, just like any other city. We all have to see what Amazon’s choice will be in the near future.

Amazon surely is looking to expand its operations – to the next level, for they have purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. This means immediate entry into the groceries market & brick-and-mortar footprints. Kohl’s have partnered with Amazon will be offering branded home devices.

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