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April 5: Tris McCall To Play ‘Songs & Stories’ @ Jersey City’s The Hutton.

On April 5th, Tris will be playing his songs to the public at The Hutton in Jersey City (right on the corner of Hutton Street and Sanford Place, which is that diagonal street that runs from Pershing Field Park to JFK Boulevard).

He will be taking the stage at 9pm, with his friend and peer Michael Flannery accompanying him on electric guitar. Tris will play his acoustic guitar, with electric piano for a few songs.

Then, as a twist, Michael Flannery (a fabulous artist in his own right, rep’ed by the folks at Rhyme And Reason Records) will take the lead for several of his songs, with Tris doing the accompanying playing the keys for Michael’s songs.

For the set, Tris will be playing his songs that tackle many subjects, including: disgraced politicians, a reporter stumbling around the heartland, syncretism, bad male behavior in the Caribbean islands, the perniciousness of late-night talk shows, the dollar as reserve currency, getting lost in heavy traffic in East Texas, an elderly heavy metal musician staring down the end of his virility, a would-be playboy out of place in Florida, a kid wrongly accused of being a serial killer, a drug smuggler on a power launch, a something-or-other smuggler trying to cross the Mexican border, the sad boyfriend of a touring musician, burning the house to have something to see.

“We’re supposed to play until midnight, so I am preparing a lot of songs!” – stated Tris McCall. “Most everything I’m going to play will be from the Almanac. It’s just what I know best right now. I think I can render those songs better than any of the old ones.”


Tris has been working on his current music project ‘The American Almanac’, which has him storytelling about the different cities he visits. And the songs are constructed to fit the stories, and people he gets to experience.

Before he created the Almanac project, Tris released four albums of anxious, wordy, synthesizer-heavy pop-rock. Prior sets have been produced by Scott Miller [Game Theory, The Loud Family], Jay Braun [The Negatones, Jon Spencer] and Michael Flannery [The Chamber Band, Sara Hallie Richardson]. His projects have been profiled in The New York Times, The Star Ledger, Jersey Beat, Badaboom Gramaphone, and by many other discerning journalists who enjoy the volatile combination of big words and minor chords. Two new albums drawn from the Almanac will be released in 2018.

Tris has added his battery of synths to recordings by Overlord, My Teenage Stride, Mr. Flannery & His Feelings, Kapow!, Japan Seoul, Palomar, Denver Zest, Sasha Alcott & The Possibilities, The Consultants, and quite a few other projects worth your attention.

Tris McCall believes that the only valid subjects for rock music are cars and sexual frustration.

Double whoa!

You’re certainly a man of many talents, Tris.

And we fans will see you on April 5th.



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