Aquilo ‘Just Asking’ : New upcoming EP. Stepping stone to best yet.


Aquilo with ‘Sober’ last month has seen the track gain over 1 million streams across DSPs and boosted their Spotify listeners to over 1.8 million per month. Now with ‘Just Asking’, they continue to mount a big momentum into their drive up to the new eagerly anticipated new EP, ‘Sober’ (June 3rd).

“We’re super excited to let Just Asking go,” stated the band. “We’ve actually been sitting on it for a year or so now. It was written in London when we were unsure as to where the new music would go and what we wanted to do. The lyrics kind of speak for themselves on this one. We’d been working on being a little more literal with our writing and we kind of feel we got that with Just Asking!”

Aquilo are now based in their Hackney Wick studio, where they’re deep in the making of their third album, as well. They describe the release of the ‘Sober’ EP as a stepping stone towards future releases – its more enveloping and electronic than their first two albums, it glimmers and glistens.


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