ARA ‘Tell You Why // Down’ : It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Love will not give it to you easily. Let’s take it. Your way.


Mixed Mexican-Italian-American artist ARA shares a defiant art pop video for ‘Tell You Why // Down’ off her newly announced EP ‘The Desert’ (August 14th). Compelling, powerful, athoritative, exulting – ‘Tell You Why // Down’ is an emphatic anthem for all the glory and none of the guilt.
Once a student-athlete with interest from major labels, ARA ended up in the psych ward at SF General and wandering the California desert, confronting the cognitive dissonance as a mixed woman in America and disassociation in the wake of physical & emotional abuse.

Inspired by everyone from Santigold and Kanye West to Courtney Love, the project sees ARA’s spiritual crisis become personal empowerment.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Love will not give it to you easily.

Let’s take it. Your way.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! LINK IN BIO!! One video for two different songs from The Desert EP, coming 8/14/20!! Grateful for the critical support from @daoudaleonard, @lbugie, and the team early on in the creation process! The first song is called "Tell You Why" and it's about eating dinner with "the man" who is also your dad who is also haunted by the cognitive virus that is white supremacy and weakened by the gnawing debt collector we call capitalism. It’s about standing the fuck up and turning the whole table over and staring into his eyes until he is still as stone. Easier said than done. I am still working out what it means to truly love someone. Is picking a fight ever an act of love? I wrote this song after a particularly powerful trip to Joshua tree where I received insight into some of the many ways patriarchy has infiltrated me and my family. Today I find myself a reluctant warrior, one who yearns for peace.

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