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Arasarou. – Restless Heart

Arasarou, is a solo project by singer, songwriter and producer Nicklas A. Malmer. Off of his latest EP ‘Telescope’, Nicklas conjures up fabulous beats and gentle vibes, with just his voice and a subtle supporting number of instruments. The focus of ‘Restless Heart’ is whatever you may deem it to be. But the song’s power is of Arasarou’s vocals and the lyrics that contain the contrasts that can make you think different with a swipe of the heart. It’s a dastardly trick, but with Arasarou, it’s a welcomed one. For when we’re on the road to recovery – from any kind of heartache – we need all the help we can get. We are all restless. We all need to be acknowledged. Seek Arasarou out, and you won’t be let down.

Oliver Spalding – Bow Creek

“The mood of the song was inspired by the twilight lightshow of Canary Wharf’s towering buildings and the gentle twisting of the DLR…” said OLIVER SPALDING about ‘Bow Creek’. “The album focuses on a certain period of time in my life and the things that happened around me,” says Spalding. “My honesty in songwriting is key. The aim of this album was to be raw and emotional. Emotions are scary and no one wants to face them, and that’s what I wanted the album to feel like – something that is uncomfortable but also beautifully revealing.” Oliver is a UK artist with musical roots firmly based in the realm of folk. Along with lush instruments and smooth pop vocals, the mix of synth and uncanny talent for the other-worldly feelz, the artist brings even more in demonstration through ‘Bow Creek’. Oliver is melancholy in the beautiful space of width and length; a congestion of love and the possibilities of loss, come crashing in for the kill. Oliver is the shield we need.

Nina June – Raven’s Feather

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June makes your heart flutter. Song of impeccable build and construction, the oddly attractive vibes kicks into gear and YOU ARE HOOKED. ‘Raven’s Feather’ is just simply beautiful. With chilled vocals, aligned with a silver warmth, Nina’s vocals help build that future you’d always dreamed of. Life cannot build it for you, but a shimmer of empathy flows down the river of hope and dreams, and you are able to catch a ride. Holding Nina’s musical hands, held tight with gumption and love for what’s around the corner, your eyes glow brighter with positivity and for that exact future, which you’d though you’d never achieve. We can all do this. Nina does it once more.

WheezeBox – Unknown

“This band took its final form in Rovaniemi, Finland in the year 2017, when two friends, Kristian (Drums / backing vocals) and Pekka (lead vocals / Guitar) wanted to create the biggest sound humanly possible with only two members, to release all the negative energy and emotional blocks they have accumulated in their lives.” Inspirations come from Tool, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Biffy Clyro. The nature of WHEEZEBOX is of uncompromising truth to guitar power chords and the power to the mosh. As the heavy rock-ness pounds you in, you feel like a soft potato. But it’s okay. For you’ve been tapped by a band that just KNOWS what to do with writing heavy rock. And like the hard-rock music that comes out of Finland, WHEEZEBOX isn’t any different. Except they ARE different. Understated vocals, coax you and ride you like the ghosts of your ancestors. You can’t deny this pact. It’s okay to absorb it, for WHEEZEBOX has you back. See them next @ Rock Ravintola Grande, Finland on October 4th. Let’s rock.

Harry Nathan – Alright

Directed by Odeya Rush, HARRY NATHAN’s single ‘Alright’ – a plush and vibin’ pillow talk of promises and absolutions – takes you inside of a man, a woman, a solitary isolation of gifts and desires. Set amongst a dreamy lo-fi disco record, their new music video (which they made in Harry’s kitchen) is colorful, cheeky and entertaining, providing the perfect backdrop for Harry Nathan’s Alright’ EP, a 2 track that follows his last release ‘To the Limit’. Harry calls himself as an “evolutionary Australian producer, singer and songwriter.” Lo-fi, disco, dream pop is where he thrives. But his biggest offering is his thoughtful and majestic lyrics that he provides. Reading like the manuscript for the lovelorn and ultimate victors in this world of ours, the struggle and manifestations of challenges beyond, cling like electrostatic name recognition. His art IS Harry, and we think it’s just the bee’s knees. Watch the video. Listen to the music.


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