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Archabald Shares ‘Ichabod’. Let The Clarity Dissolve You.

ARCHABALD is a New Mexico band with the chops to do you good. A great example is of single ‘Ichabod’. Bring forth the absolution through the riffs and then the clarity of the lyrics dissolve you in the solution of your own juices, your own excised and numb mental constitution.

Read the lyrics of the first verse. The cream of the crop, comes from the layers in the hidden, within the lyrics and presentation. We feel like the construction is sincere in its form, and format – which is important to our own liking.

Posing a nice rhetorical question in the song, doesn’t hurt either.

“I’ve been told to put my uniform away
The public wants to forget there’s a war
Before the days we could say we were winning
They struck fear in our hearts by blocking out the sun
And I feel their eyes watching
It’s not like it was back when soldiers were gods among men”

On July 13th, their album ‘Carcosa’ will drop.

It’s been a while since we’d like a band from the alt-emo-rock category, but ARCHABALD knows how to entertain the senses.

The band consists of: Randy Bowen, Andy Othling, Stefan Tomlinson, Ethan Hall, and Jacob Fox.



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