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ARCHE Shares ‘My Only’. “Get pastel. Get cool. Get into ARCHE.”

Dream-pop brigade, ARCHE, marches to a beat of a thousand suns. The shimmer just cascades off of their vibe, their aura, their vocals, their harmonization, their attitudes. It’s all about caring, but not really showing you’re sweating. ARCHE does that like it’s nobody’s business and does it so well.

And you get attached to that kind of charm.

The ease of reflection is built into dream-pop, and when a band like ARCHE continues with a fresh look at the goodness of such musical styles, you need to look deep.

But not too deep.

Because you never should forget about the pastel lifestyle. Once you do, your sheen will dissipate as well as your possible/foolhardy admiration for coolness, but certainly will never show the world you’re sweathin’ the details.

It’s that kind of gumption, mixed in with lyrics of love and confusion which ARCHE brings in ‘My Only’.

Get pastel. Get cool. Get into ARCHE.

See them next @ Supersonic in Paris, October 24th.



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