Archie Faulks ‘What For’ : Bittersweet sought in exquisite tone and color.

Archie Faulks

With over 8 million streams across his previous singles, radio plays from BBC Radio 1 and Radio X, appearances at The Great Escape Festival and Live At Leeds, plus shows alongside Isaac Gracie, Rue Royal, Luke Sital-Singh and Delilah Montagu,

‘What For’ is included on the ‘Longing in London’ EP (February 14th 2020).

Archie explained: “When everything feels hopeless in life there will always be certain things that can provide an element of comfort. I am lucky that singing, writing and listening to music gives me that. So this song is about despite it seeming like my world is was falling a part I still had a safe refuge in the history of recorded music and my own guitar. The music video attempts to portray this with everything seemingly going wrong – girlfriend breaks up with me, no money in bank account and, Truman show-esque, the rain just falling on me. However despite all these things I am not deterred I am still dancing and singing because I’ve still ‘got the music’.”

Beautiful and dream-like, with the strings with the beats dipping into your heart, this bitter sweet offering is a tale for what needs to be and could have been. What needs to be protected and cherished, liberally is sought with exquisite tones and colors of Archie’s gorgeous vocals.

See Archie next @ Royal Park Pub & Cellars, Leeds UK on February 27th.


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