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Arctic Lake Shares ‘Holding On’. “Taking on the challenges of the ordinary, all from an extraordinary view.”

Immersive. It is what ARCTIC LAKE’s single ‘Holding On’ demonstrates continuously through its gentle amplifications of emotions. Colorful intransigence is replete with ready made consumable elements, taking on the challenges of the ordinary, all from an extraordinary view.

The shimmer in glances; all decadent in blues and purples – dangle in the sky like shattered glasses, made to fit between the hurt and ragged skin. ‘Holding On’ pages those glances, and bargains for the promised land of milk and honey. Just to realize that, for the protagonist, reality has set in to n no-avail. Destruction of self-worth, puttied in the cracks, with hoards of tears – both salty and bitter.

“No one hurts me quite like you..”

The London based band delivers powerful summations, and draws upon the skills of melancholic dichotomies, the lyrics reflect with translucent quivers and irreversible understandings.

This anthemic electro-pop endeavor is beautifully finalized by Emma Foster’s cool and empathetic contrasts in voice, as her tone resonates with palpable strength and gumption.





The band consists of Emma Foster, Paul Holliman and Andy Richmond, where they stated: “Creating this track was a really emotional and cathartic experience, and a lot of tears were shed in the process. It’s one we’re most looking forward to playing live on our upcoming tour”

Bravo, indeed.

Look for more from this dynamically emboldened trio.



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