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Are You Having Fun Yet Releases New S/T Single And New Album. The Subtle Strength Of Intent In Their Song Makes Us Swoon.

The intro starts this song to a fabulous start. Whimsical, light, antithetical. Then the vocal harmonies kick in and bam… the strength supports that light start and substance washes over your ears and brain parts. The Oslo, Norway central trio, just kicks it up a notch, every second progressing, during the song.

The self titled Album is available now.

The positivity in the song is proficient and true. The echoes in which it sweeps that bubble maker of life, letting it swing over your head (just like at a kids’ birthday party) envelopes you, and helps you look towards that Sun over head. It’s rare to do so, when we’re all so busy; with work, with responsibilities, with life. The juggernaut in that preverbal room, is that locker that must be ‘un-fastened’. Let the letters to thy-self fall to that floor.

There’s more fun coming.

And we think that AYHFY will be making some great strides, in providing us (fans) with fan-tabulous music.

Can’t wait.

For now, listen to their new album. The mix of synth, new, dream, and infectious sensibilities make it a certain kicker. It’s a declaration of what’s to come, we think.



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