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Argan & the Demi Waves Shares ‘Eternal Joint Rest’. “Colleen, You Have To Come With Me.”

James wasn’t the most reliable person in the world. He, in fact, wasn’t very dependable at all, according to his peers. But there was one person who devoted time and energy in support of his ‘idiosyncrasies’. And that person was Helen. Why? She’d been in love with James since they first met in grammar school.

She distinctly remembered him saying ‘hi’ to her at when their parent met for the first time in the school yard. She’s wondered for years why she was so attracted to him. The memory was, and still is, very clear and crystal to her. Even that was a bit odd, she’d always thought. Why, of him? She’s never thought of someone else like James. Even the guys she’d dated.

There was Rick. He was a bastard at the end, but was so charming in the beginning of the relationship. He’d buy her pretty flowers and gifts, that she couldn’t resist. The white noise of being showered with things just was infatuating. Even with this kind of memory, her thought of Rick, wasn’t as poignant as it was with James.

There was Dan, as well. She’d liked him – actually thought of him as her future groom. He was well mannered, handsome, thoughtful, athletic, and just beautiful during sex. But all in all, he was missing something that couldn’t be pointed out.

One day James wasn’t seen around. Where he disappeared to was a mystery.

Then on a Thursday, he came back.

“Colleen, you have to come with me,” standing there at the front door, with some kind of space suit. “I need you.”

She didn’t know what was going on, where he’d been, nor why he needed her – but she heard the words she’d wanted to hear from him all her life.

“I need you, Colleen. I now know why I was attracted to you all those years.”

With no evidence, or reason, she fell into James’ arms in those protective garbs and softly muttered: “Okay.”

ARGAN & THE DEMI WAVES single ‘Eternal Joint Rest’ made us think of this weird but romantic tale of two lovers who will now, shoot off into a journey they know nothing about.

And dagnabbit, we dig that about AATDW.

The hurdling tumble through a sonic Universe is easily capitalized through a song like this, you must take notice. The band formed in 2017 and has been synth-doom-popping, and machete-ing through the retro future jungle, ever since.

Listen. Dig it. Listen again.



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