argonaut&wasp ‘(We’re) Alive’ : Resilience of the human spirit and what it can accomplish during uncertain times


“We started this in our dorm rooms,” said argonaut&wasp. “Now we are traveling the country, hopping on planes, sleeping in motels, doing things we never would have dreamed of. It makes us feel alive to be able to do this every day. In the current state of social distancing, remote work, and isolation, ‘(We’re) Alive’ captures our longing to connect and collaborate hand-in-hand. Now a nostalgic feeling, the song shows the resilience of the human spirit and what it can accomplish during uncertain times.”

Obsessed with 70s fashion, 80s synths, and 90s culture – argonaut&wasp are a quirky amalgamation of indie vibes, alternative edge, electro dance and funk grooves whose music has been described as the perfect soundtrack to NYC. Headed by Theo and Trey, the band has built an impressive live following. They play live as a four piece, combining raw energy with electronic soundscapes and kaleidoscopic projections in their performances.

‘(We’re) Alive’ is the duo’s best yet.


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