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ARIA – On Me Tho

Strength has to be demonstrated. And when ARIA speaks through his music, you can feel it. The unfettered attitude and consumable mission of his production, ‘On Me Tho’ is an emphatic anthem, to which we need to boldly acknowledge. Contemporary hiphop beats, clarity in vocal presentation irreducibly solicit your desires. Produced by ARIA along with Mike Olsen, the single which was mixed by DJ Swivel and mastered by Jay Franco, keeps the dreams alive, as the song traverses easily between rap and pop-vibe, under the umbrella of that sweet, sweet trap accent. The artist with the strength to say so, keeps it real and is determined to make it stick. Look out.

Ty Lee – Passion

‘Passion’ is a jazzy, gazy, rap game with that delicious ol’ school hint of soul and funk. Add TY LEE’s rap stride, and it means the world for you, for us, for all the world. Adding the impassioned call of the sax, inquisition of that hurt inside you, starts to close with the healing intentions. Love and care; reliving the good-times – exercising the remarkable atmospherics, drives the chill factor to another level, as the notes just dance and twinkle in the air. The Compton based artist/producer’s shot across the bow, ‘Passion’ is just a tip of that big and bad-ass iceberg. Out of that cold Arctic landscape, a warmth of lyrical beauty comes our way through TY LEE.

JustDave903 – Donuts

Hard hitting. That’s what JustDave903 is, and you can’t do anything about that. It’s just a matter of life. Life is nothing when JustDave903 places his beats around that giant bass, and titanic lyrical works. The East Texas based rapper, knows what he has. He brings the melodic jam, layered in the flow which he’s been known for. Dave is Dave, and his aim is to kill you softly with his songs. And when ‘Donuts’ clearly communicates to you that this is what he has been built for, there’s no stopping his resolve. Taking day by day, and codifying his stories for the world to see, the rapper casually wrestles the issues of his day – in depth, and in cohesion.

Ninety7 – DAMN 3

Ninety7 is Sean Michael Caulfield. And when this r&b/hiphop/rapper and producer comes at us with his insurgent gaze and unique hiphop appeal, we listen. The North London artist kicks it up a notch with ‘DAMN 3’, and he’s calling all of us out. With dynamic grime appeal, and smooth r&b undertones, he mixes the best traditions and marries them into a definition of his personal soul. “I wanted to create something I could hear in clubs and really hit hard on the speakers,” reminded Ninety7. And through efforts like his latest single and visual, he drops mixtapes of significance, constantly propelling the scheme and the subject of living, to the fore. His incessant call to arms in ‘DAMN 3’ brings creativity and promises, to new heights.

Akee Fontane – Scared

Life is a struggle. There’s nothing that is given. Nothing is free. Akeem Coston is the project named AKEE FONTANE. The rapper works off of his upbringing in Wilmington, Delaware and just like any upbringing, there’s a story to be told. And with tight production and motivated by how far he’d like to take his music, the rapper tells it like it is, through ‘Scared’. And when things get too hard and messy, we all look to something in our lives to give us hope again, in order to fight the next morning. Akeem’s motivation is his son, and with lessons learned from his younger years, he forges forward, as a rapper, as a producer, as a dad, and as just a man trying to do his best in this harsh world. He’s determined to make it happen. The latest project ‘Big Dreams Small City’ is available now.


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