Ariane ‘Museum’ : Messages of understated suppression is disinfected in light.


French-American pop singer and songwriter Ariane speaks to champion the underdog. Combining Lorde’s powerful lyrical message and the dark and moody sound of Billie Eilish and Olivia O’Brien; Ariane creates a refuge for her listeners.

As a woman, Ariane experienced many “cat-calling” encounters while walking innocently through the streets. ‘Museum’ was inspired by the uncomfortable, discriminative and dehumanizing feeling she was overcome with. Her infuriating response results in an infectious hook as she repeats the lyrics “I won’t be hanging in your Museum” sending a message that she will no longer stand being objectified by men.

With big goals to fulfill through the groovin’ vibes of her r&b/soul framed songs, Ariane’s unity of vocals, triumphantly garner the kind of pop satisfaction that we all can relate to. A certainty of gumption, pulses through the strength of her lyrics, as the messages of understated suppression is disinfected in light.

Ariane aims to inspire listeners, to raise awareness and engage them on a journey to stand up for human dignity, women empowerment and gender equality.


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